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Stop Losing Customers to Your Competition

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Trevor Cummings

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Karl Roberts

Stop Losing Customers to Your Competition

Local SEO: Your Key to a Booming Local Business in Dublin

In Dublin, being the owner of a local business in the year 2016 is very different from what it was like a decade ago. Back then everything was calm and peaceful, and the most important challenge in marketing was grabbing the attention of your market. This can easily be solved with a gigantic billboard, colorful print ads and posters, and catchy radio and television ads.

But, the game has changed. Right now, competitors are rapidly sprouting everywhere and are employing new marketing tactics that you might never have thought of.

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The biggest challenge is not only getting the attention of your market but keeping them engaged as well.If you are currently experiencing this problem, don’t fret because there is a foolproof solution to that. Just establish a very strong online presence.

Importance of Online Presence

In this digital age, most of the consumers are constantly browsing the internet. Several studies show that the average adult spends at least 20 hours on the internet per week.Hence, it is important that they come across your business in this cyberspace. If you don’t create a plan for making this possible, your competitors will and they will take your market share without hesitation.

There are many things that you should do to establish an online presence. In a nutshell, you should do local search engine optimization or SEO.

Local SEO helps your business rank higher in the search engine results page (SERP), specifically for searches that include geographic modifiers. In other words, when people use Google to look for “seafood restaurants in Dublin,” your seafood restaurant will appear near the top or at the top of the SERP.

Google, being a very intelligent search engine, considers a lot of factors when deciding which seafood restaurants to feature at the top. A recent study conducted by Local SEO Guide and the University of California listed these factors:

  • Links
  • Website Signals
  • GMB Signals
  • Toolbar Pagerank
  • Citations
  • Geo Text

Simply put, most of your efforts in digital marketing should be targeted towards addressing these factors whether it be tweaking your on-page factors or improving site speed. Otherwise, you will be losing to the competition. There are so many things that you need to do to rank high in the SERP, and dealing with high-quality content with keywords and meta tags are just the tip of the iceberg.

We understand that this could be quite time-consuming and confusing for many of you. That’s why our team at Danang Digital is ready to help.

Why Danang Digital?

We a Dublin SEO company with marketing expertise, who are always ready to give local businesses a hand in improving their online presence, which will result in acquiring more customers and increasing sales.

While it is true that you can study and do SEO by following the step-by-step process outlined on the internet, hiring us to do the job will give you a greater advantage. Here are some reasons why:

1. We are a team of experts.

As mentioned earlier, we are a team composed of professionals who have worked on search engine optimization for a considerable amount of time. Our skills have been sharpened by experience and we are still continuing to learn, so you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the best SEO service in Dublin.

2. We know the right SEO strategies to employ.

Having extensive experience in this business have allowed us to learn which local SEO practices work and which ones fail. Apart from that, we know practices beyond the basics and the best way to do off page SEO. Remember that your competitors will probably be employing the basic strategies, so we’ll help you get ahead of them in the game.

3. We are always updated with new local SEO trends.

Google is constantly changing the way they rank businesses in their SERP, like the enormous amount of traffic some businesses get from ranking in Google Maps. The factors we mentioned earlier will change, and nobody can guess when that will happen. That’s why we always have an eye that looks out for these changes. We are constantly researching and learning. We adapt to these changes quickly, so you don’t have to worry about getting left behind.

4. We focus on getting results.

As search engine specialists, we waste no time in conducting experiments and doing things which will yield an outcome that we are unsure of. Like all scientific tests, ours are carefully monitored and tracked using a range of cutting edge software solutions and Google Analytics. Our team is committed to hard work that is dedicated to delivering no less than the best results in the shortest time possible. This includes hours of writing good content, using keywords, creating great layouts and designs, making your website responsive, promoting user engagement, and many more. Our team’s strategy and collected efforts will always be directed towards your goal.

5. We don’t forget our values.

We value honesty and transparency when working with partners. You deserve to know where your money is going and see if it is worth it. We’ll give you detailed reports of what we are doing regularly so you can monitor whatever is happening and stay updated with our work. If you have any questions, we will always make ourselves available to give you some answers.

6. We work for your ROI.

We are committed to providing quality service at a very affordable rate. The price packages that we offer are well-thought of, and we assure you that what you spend for will be a worthy investment. With the attention that you’ll be getting on the internet, you’ll see your investment coming back to you in no time. 

Time is of the essence and none of it should be wasted on marketing efforts that have little to no chances of reaching your audience. Leaflets and print ads are a thing of the past. The world is already in the digital era and would remain here for a very long time. Adapting to this situation would be the best business strategy you can employ.

Don’t be left behind and get stuck in the past! Let Danang Digital, your local SEO experts in Dublin, help you reach thousands of people in this fast-moving digital world in a very cost-effective way. With our expert skills, you’ll be surprised to see customers just keep on coming in.

Stop Losing Customers to Your Competition